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April 24, 2019/Press Release

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Board Member, Julia Goodman, PhD, MPH, Delivers Report on Success of Multnomah County Paid Parental Leave Policy

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Board Member Julia Goodman, PhD, MPH presented the results of a recent mixed-methods evaluation of Multnomah County’s two-year-old paid parental leave policy to Multnomah County Commissioners. Findings show how family-friendly policies are not only good for employee morale, but improve an employers’ ability to recruit and retain talent.

September 4, 2018/Media

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Members Stand Up to Stop Kavanaugh

With former Senator Jon Kyl, who has been shepherding Kavanaugh’s vote through the Senate, set to be appointed to replace the late Senator John McCain, it is more important than ever that pro-choice Democrats and Republicans recognize this vote as a ​career​ moment of leadership.

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