PORTLAND, OR – While the results of yesterday’s election are still being counted, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon‘s Political Action Committee (PAC) celebrates the projected win for Shemia Fagan for Secretary of State as a win for democracy, reproductive freedom and racial justice in Oregon. 

While several races remain too close to call, the Oregon Legislature looks to maintain super majorities of Democratic leadership, and one of the most diverse classes of incoming legislators in history; projected first-time winners include WInsvey Campos (HD 28), Dacia Grayber (HD 35), Lisa Reynolds (HD 36), Khanh Pham (HD 46), Zach Hudson (HD 49), Ricki Ruiz (HD 50), Jason Kropf (HD 54), and Kate Lieber (SD 14). Last night also saw the reelection of Attorney General Rosenblum, and State Treasurer Read, in addition to local candidates like Lacey Beaty for Mayor of Beaverton, Nafisa Fai in Washington County, and Phil Chang in Deschutes County. Each of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon’s endorsed ballot measures received a majority of votes, including Yes on Measure 107, Yes on Measure 108, Yes on Measure 110, in addition to the Multnomah County measure to support preschool for all 3-5 year-olds (Yes on 26-214) and the City of Portland’s charter amendment to create an independent police accountability board (Yes on 26-217). 

As expected, final election results have been delayed in many close races due to new protocols to ensure the safety of voters in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Christel Allen, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC, provided the following context on Oregon’s preliminary results and the national movement to defend reproductive freedom: 

“In the midst of a pandemic, Oregonians have displayed their resiliency and commitment to democracy. We celebrate early wins for Shemia Fagan, ballot measures to expand equity and justice, and an incredibly diverse group of newly-elected champions for reproductive freedom. 

Last month’s passing of Justice Bader Ginsburg began a new chapter in the decades-long fight to defend Roe v. Wade. In response, Oregonians turned out to vote in record numbers and elected leaders who recognize that the freedom to make your own decisions about pregnancy is essential, and that 1 in 4 women (and many gender nonbinary people) will have an abortion in their lifetimes. And while too many still face barriers in Oregon, we are thankful to live in a state that recognizes that access to the full spectrum of reproductive care is a right, and foundational to an individual’s self-determination and autonomy. 

It is critical that we wait to ensure that every vote—in every state—be counted this election. And while we wait for confirmed and accurate election results, we will hold our BlPOC, immigrant and LGBTQ+ family members close. In the months ahead, we fully commit ourselves to enacting systems change to address long standing racial, gender-based and economic inequities.”

While the results of the Presidential race and key U.S. Senate races have yet to be determined, Oregon continues to be a model for mail-in voting and high voter participation. Election officials and staff in Oregon and across the country remain hard at work to ensure that every vote is counted in 2020. 

In 2020, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon members volunteered thousands of hours during the most unprecedented year of campaigning in Oregon history, with 50,000 attempted voter contacts during the last two months alone. 

Following official election returns, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC will provide additional context for what the outcomes of the Presidential and U.S. Senate races mean for our movement here in Oregon, and final results for our full slate of 64 endorsed pro-choice candidates in 2020. 

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NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC works to elect pro-choice candidates at every level of government. Through our cultivation of true champions, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon works to advance the most progressive pro-choice policies in the nation. We educate our members and identified supporters, provide strategic advice to candidates, mobilize get out the vote efforts, and ensure that pro-choice policies are a top priority in local and state government. 

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