PORTLAND, OR – Following Tuesday’s election results, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC congratulated Wlnsevey Campos (HD-28), Melissa Cribbins (SD-5), Maxine Dexter, M.D. (HD-33), Dacia Grayber (HD-35), Kate Lieber (SD-14), Khanh Pham (HD-46), and Ricki Ruiz (HD-50), as first-time legislative candidates celebrating Tuesday night victories. Forty-three endorsed candidates will now set their eyes on November, while eight non-partisan candidates including Carmen Rubio, the first Latinx candidate ever to be elected to Portland City Commission (Position 1), Multnomah County District Attorney-elect Mike Schmidt, and Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis secured their campaign victories in last night’s election.

Congratulating each endorsed candidate’s campaign, Andra Stoll Carrick, Interim Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC, had this to say:

“In these challenging times, one thing has become absolutely clear: Leadership matters. Across the nation we see anti-abortion politicians use the COVID-19 crisis to roll back access to essential services, but in Oregon, we are so thankful that pro-choice voters showed up to elect one of the strongest and most diverse slate of candidates we’ve ever had the honor to endorse.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC endorsed 56 candidates in the 2020 Primary Election, recognizing each candidate’s commitment to protecting and expanding reproductive health equity and access in Oregon.

Shauna Ballo, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon’s PAC Chair said, “Throughout our endorsement process, we were impressed with the breadth and depth of experiences among these candidates, and their unyielding support for reproductive freedom. Pro-choice voters trust our organization to endorse candidates who will be champions for choice and uphold the right to access essential services like abortion, birth control, and gender-affirming care for all people in Oregon, especially during a crisis.”

Below is the full list of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC’s endorsed candidates who secured campaign victories tonight, followed by the candidates who successfully won their party nominations and move forward to the November General Election:

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Endorsed Primary Winners:

Clackamas County
Martha Schrader, Clackamas County Commissioner, Position 3

Multnomah County
Sharon Meieran, Multnomah County Commissioner, D-1
Jessica Vega Pederson, Multnomah County Commissioner, D-3
Lori Stegmann, Multnomah County Commissioner, D-4
Mike Schmidt, District Attorney

Mayor of Eugene
Mayor Lucy Vinis

Portland City Council
Carmen Rubio, Commissioner, Position 1

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Endorsed Party Nomination Winners

Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum
State Treasurer Tobias Read
Secretary of State Nominee: Too close to call

Oregon State Senate
Melissa Cribbins (D), SD-5
Deb Patterson (D), SD-10
Kate Lieber (D), SD-14
Senator Ginny Burdick (D), SD-18
Senator Kathleen Taylor (D), SD-21
Senator Michael Dembrow (D), SD-23
Representative Chris Gorsek (D), SD-25
Eileen Kiely (D), SD-27

Oregon House of Representatives
State Representative Pam Marsh (D), HD 5
State Representative Paul Holvey (D), HD 8
State Representative David Gomberg (D), HD 10
State Representative Marty Wilde (D), HD-11
State Representative Nancy Nathanson (D), HD-13
State Representative Julie Fahey (D), HD-14
State Representative Dan Rayfield (D), HD-16
State Representative Paul Evans (D), HD-20
State Representative Teresa Alonso León (D), HD-22
State Representative Courtney Neron, HD-26 (D), HD-26
State Representative Sheri Schouten (D), HD-27
Wlnsvey Campos (D), HD-28
State Representative Susan McLain (D), HD-29
State Representative Janeen Sollman (D), HD-30
Maxine Dexter (D), HD-33
State Representative Ken Helm (D), HD 34
Dacia Grayber (D), HD-35
State Representative Rachel Prusak (D, HD-37
State Representative Andrea Salinas (D), HD-38
State Representative Mark Meek (D), HD-40
State Representative Karin Power (D), HD-41
State Representative Rob Nosse (D), HD 42
State Representative Tawna Sanchez (D), HD-43
State Representative Barbara Smith Warner (D), HD-45
Khanh Pham (D), HD-46
State Representative Jeff Reardon (D), HD-48
Ricki Ruiz (D), HD-50
State Representative Janelle Bynum (D), HD-51
State Representative Anna Williams (D), HD-52

Clackamas County
Kenneth Humberston, Clackamas County Commissioner, Position 4

Lane County
Joel Iboa, Lane County Commissioner, Position 3 (dual endorsement) (run-off)
Laurie Trieger, Lane County Commissioner, Position 3 (dual endorsement) (run-off)

Washington County
Nafisa Fai, Washington County Commissioner D-1 (run-off)

Mayor of Beaverton
City Councilor Lacey Beaty (run-off)


NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC​ works to elect pro-choice candidates at every level of government. Through our cultivation of true champions, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon works to advance the most progressive pro-choice policies in the nation. We educate our members and identified supporters, provide strategic advice to candidates, mobilize get out the vote efforts, and ensure that pro-choice policies are a top priority in local and state government.

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