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July 12, 2018

Contact:         Grayson Dempsey, Executive Director,

Reproductive Rights Leaders Condemn Knute Buehler’s Misleading Campaign Ad

PORTLAND, OR – Yesterday Knute Buehler released a new television ad attempting to cover up his record of voting against expanding access to reproductive health care; protecting a woman’s right to safe, legal abortion; and expanding healthcare access for low-income families.

Leaders from PNARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC and lanned Parenthood PAC of Oregon strongly condemn the ad, titled “Our Bodies,” as misleading and irresponsible.

Grayson Dempsey, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC, said: “It’s irresponsible for Knute Buehler to be on television and online telling women and girls that birth control is available over the counter in Oregon. It is not. As a physician, Buehler knows the difference between a prescription and over-the-counter medication and is offering misleading information in this ad.”

Emily McLain, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon, said: “Knute Buehler voted against the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which enshrines Roe v. Wade into Oregon law. This was the single most important vote in Buehler’s legislative career to protect access to reproductive health care, and Buehler voted no. There is absolutely no room for uncertainty when it comes to protecting reproductive health care in Oregon and in our country at this time.”

Oregonians deserve to know the truth. Here are 10 questions that Knute Buehler still hasn’t answered:


  1. Why did he vote against codifying Roe v. Wade into Oregon law?

  2. Why has he been silent about Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee who is committed to overturning Roe v. Wade?

  3. Why did he say abortion is “the wrong option” if he’s indeed “pro-choice”?

  4. Why did he promise to restrict abortion, while claiming he “doesn’t see access to abortion under threat”?

  5. Why did he seek the recommendation of Oregon Right to Life, a radical organization that wants to ban all abortion and the most popular forms of birth control?

  6. Why does he oppose state funding for low-income women to access to safe, legal abortion through their insurance plan?

  7. Why has he refused to defend the Planned Parenthood health center that serves his own constituents, in the face of relentless attacks at the federal level from his own political party?

  8. Why did he brag on right-wing radio about his “record in the Legislature of voting against Governor Brown’s efforts to expand access to abortion”?

  9. Why does he continue to misrepresent the existence of “over the counter” birth control in Oregon?

  10. Why did he vote against the Oregon Health Plan, which covers reproductive health services for thousands of women throughout the state?


NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC and Planned Parenthood PAC of Oregon have endorsed Governor Kate Brown for re-election because she has provided clear answers to these questions in her endorsement interviews and in her longtime voting record and leadership. Voters should visit for more information about why Buehler cannot be trusted to protect women’s health and rights.

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NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon develops and sustains a constituency that uses the political process to guarantee every person who can become pregnant the right to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion. We educate our members and identified supporters, provide strategic advice to candidates, mobilize get out the vote efforts, and ensure that pro-choice policies are a top priority in local and state government.

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